WTB : Ignition Distributor Parts

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I looking for the parts for my 280GE 1986 as below:

  • Ignition Lead Cable Kit
  • Ignition Distributor Rotor Arm
  • Ignition Distributor Rotor 
  • Ignition Distributor Cap

Anyone can help? Please PM. Thanks.


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Re: WTB : Ignition Distributor Parts

I would have imagined these parts are in easy supply from HK.

If you do not want dealer parts, I can understand that but do not rule dealer parts out instantly, M/B prices can be sometimes cheaper than you think. 

You should be able to source these items from a motor factors in HK.

Otherwise please furnish your chassis and or engine number some parts can be chassis or engine number sensitive.

Why do you think the ignition leads need replacing? These come in components of three pieces. Two lead ends and the third being the lead. These can be individually replaced as necessary but require testing out to order new parts as required. 

Do not waste your money fitting the silicone cored spark plug leads fitted as OE part. 

The distributor cap and rotor arm need only replacing if there are signs of tracking that is to say sparking across a path not intended to take. Cracks, carbon brush wearing or even missing altogether,  or excessive terminal erosion. If the distributor cap's terminal have eroded then it is given the rotor arm contact has erorded as well therefore these are changed as a set by practice. In checking of distributor leads do not over look the HT lead to the Distributor.