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I have a white G and wonder if the later white indicator lenses are interchangeable with my orange ones and where I might get them. My local MBdealer can supply around £8 each but cannot guarantee they will be white ones! any advice please.

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The white ones are totally interchangeable with the standard (orange) ones.

I very much doubt that your local MB dealer can supply them, since they are normally aware of the part numbers by feeding your car´s VIN to the EPC (electronic parts catalogue). Given that your car was factory fitted with the orange coloured indicators, they would only be ordering a replacement of those....

I suggest that you contact MB Stuttgart in Germany or GCenter in Holland. Details in the back cover of G-Wizz.


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you can get them from uk

you can get them from Peter harris in kettering, speak to john or Ian they know the part numbers. for front indicators you have to buy whole assembly as you need orange bulbs and the bulb holder and profile of orange bulb is different to that of original. with side repeater you just need bulb and lense but I think the side ones come as a whole unit if I remeber. In an old issue of g-wizz 13 or 14 the part numbers were in that.