power steering box parts

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The shaft seal on my power steering box is leaking. does anyone know where i can get parts/ recondition or part- ex for reconditioned box?

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Re: power steering box parts

You can get new seals from mb for not alot of money. It may not fix it for long though as the shaft maybe worn.

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Re: power steering box parts


I have been recommended a company by a GWOA member that he has used before and i think are on the club supplier list...

Western Power Steering Services in Bristol

PM me if you are interested and i can give you the guys details for more info...

I think he might be sending another box for work and you could maybe drive a better price between you


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Re: power steering box parts

I have a new seal I don't need. Yours for a fiver. D

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Re: power steering box parts

When adjusting the steering box for excess play, the mechanism tends to lift the main steering shaft upwards, into the box. If the lower part of the shaft is dirty and rusty, this will cause damage to the seal. therefore if fitting a new seal, ensure that the relevant part of the shaft is clean and free of rust and pitting.

I don't think that this is a trivial job and I would send the unit away for a proper reconditioning job, provided that the company mentioned by Gav will actually do that. It's a lot of work to remove the unit and to have to do it again because the repair hasn't work is not worth it in my book.


But, if you want to do DIY, here's how:



and another relevant thread:


here's a place that mentions reconditioning of mercedes LS type steering boxes: