Gearbox to transfer box prop length

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Recently acquired a excellent transfer box prop, however this one is very short, about 13inches as I remember , seller couldn't remember the donor but thinks it was a 93 463, does the automatic have a shorter prop than the manual? Can't see numbers on it.

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Re: Gearbox to transfer box prop length

Don't know about the manual version, but, yes an auto prop-shaft is very short as you describe.


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Re: Gearbox to transfer box prop length

300GD  with OM617 to 5 speed Getrag 460 transfer prop is 305mm fully closed.

280GE auto SWB/LWB transfer prop is 236mm fully closed = A460.410.12.02 replaced by A 460 410 40 04

(and is right prop to fit 5 speed steel MB gearbox to a OM617).

Not sure if that helps...463 will be different but auto boxes do seem to be longer than manual gearboxs so auto transfer props are shorter as a rule.