Brake Shoes

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Martin @ Baku
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Just got a quote from my MB dealer and he quoted $375 for a set of rear brake shoes. Any suggestions from any one on a cheaper set?

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I "think" they are often common to the MB van range (307D) which,if so might be cheaper

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In a lot of countries where parts are not readily available, things like brake shoes are relined by a local business at far less cost than new ones. Same with machining the discs and drums rather than replacing. Try the local car businesses to see if they can be relined.

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Brake Shoes

The rear brake shoes are an exchange part over here in the UK. I remember being quoted a hefty price (over 180 pounds) which could be greatly reduced once I returned the used parts (the surcharge was something like 120 pounds). Check this with your dealer, he should be able to help.

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Brake Shoes

Hi Martin, I got mine for £20 odd at my local motor factors. Have details but for some reason does'nt state the actual manufacturer. Here is what it says on the card I kept : DB 495
equivelent to Ferodo FD239, Moprod MDP156, P / Train PBDF239, Balco BP1480.
Popular applications : M / Benz Commercial 208D, 209D, 210, 308D, 310, 310D = 1982 on.
M / Benz G Wagon. ( note how it's wagOn ). Hope this is of use to you. Cheery the noo, Chazz.

Bill Moss
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Rear Brakes

Definately a van part and a lot cheaper