Bracket for Transfer Case or Bell Housing

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Hi there

I have just recently had my 1985 LWB G Wagon 280GE automatic gearbox reconditioned and is now back in place.


The issue we have found is that the transfer casing is vibrating when on the move and it looks like we are missing a bracket or stabiliser bar that holds it all together?


The car was stood for nearly 10 years and has under gone many new parts, such as brakes/fuel lines/brake lines/ injectors/fuel tanks etc, but were not G Wagon experts and we do not know what parts should be there or not? 


Any help; such as photos showing what we should have under our car or any part numbers etc would be very grateful. It has been under restortaion for neary 3 years now and I though this was one of the last major pieces to get it back on the road but we have now stalled!!

I've tried to show as best I can in the photos attached?

Thanks in advance to any help..



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