33 inch tyres?

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Will 33 inch tyres fit on my 300 GD without a suspensionlift? and will this bring my G to a compete standhill on hills?



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33 inch tyres?

I believe that the 31x10.5 R15 were the biggest tyre one could fit with the 15-inch rim in a standard GWagen without rubbing the tyre. These are what I had fitted to my W 460 300 GDS, and I was very pleased with the relaxed cruising brought by the higher gearing and also with the gain in free hight underneath the diffs. However, I believe, as you quite rightly pointed out, that this was also the limit in preventing the fifth gear in becoming totally redundant on anything but the flatest of roads.

If your G is a 5-speeder and even if I'm wrong and you can still fit the 33-inchers, I'd still go for the 31s.


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33 inch tyres?

I have 33x12.50x15 BFG muds on mine and they rub on full lock on the outriggers, I have a 40mm lift but they will fit without lift but when off-roading they might rub up inside arch. If you have 230 or diesel you will notice difference up steep hill, lock it into first gear and welly it,

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Peter perfect. What rims?

I note that you say 33 12.50s will go with no lift. Is this with stock rims?