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Re: Gallery_1.png

 Select "Gallery" under the create link.

Name gallery.

Add any details if you wish.

Save gallery

This will open a new window.

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Re: Gallery_1.png

hi mark. i dont have the gallery create link option ! or the click for help link...

why i wonder ??

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Re: Gallery_1.png

 Dear Hus

Access to Areas of the website and the ability to be able to carry out different functions vary depending on the classification of the user.

For example:

Not a registered User:- May only view certain areas and read Forum Posts and replies.

Registered User:- As above + Post in the Forum, Pay to Place Classified Ads.

Registered User who is a Paid up Member of the GWOA:- All above + Create a new Forum Topic, Write a Story (Article), Add pictures to Galleries, Access the Members Area of the Website which includes all past issues of G Wizz,  Place advertisements in Classified ads for free.

So depending on the level of access of a particular user, will depend on the options that are available to him in the menu under the user their log in name.

Example:- A none GWOA Member will not see the item 'Create' in his menu.

I hope this clarifies the levels of access to the GWOA Web Site.

If you require any further information, Please let me know.

Kind Regards


(Tony Baskill. Membership Secretary GWOA)

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